Keep up with the news from the 10th Judicial Circuit. This is meant to be
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May 26, 2000
Govenor Bush appoints Karla Foreman Wright
as our newest County Judge! Read The Ledger article.

Karla Foreman Wright (Photo by David Mills/The Ledger)
Photo by David Mills/The Ledger

March, 2000
Investiture Photo for our newest Judges.
Click on photo for larger view.
Judge Alcott, Judge Yancey, Judge Masters, Judge Brown

Judges Alcott, Yancey, Masters & Brown pose after being invested as our newest judges.

February 18, 2000
Members of the Bar and the Judiciary honor Larry Hardaway
for his contributions to our community. 
See more pictures from the Reception here.

Larry Hardaway

January 26, 2000

Governor Bush appoints Roger A. Alcott and
Judge Charles L. Brown to serve as our newest
Circuit Judges. Judge Brown fills the new
position created by the legislature last year. 
Roger Alcott fills the position created by the
retirement of Judge Pyle. 

Read The Lakeland Ledger
Monday Profile   (February 28, 2000) for Judge Alcott.

brown_sm.jpg (3516 bytes)
Judge Charles L. Brown
Judge Roger Alcott
Judge Roger A. Alcott

December 6, 1999
Ellen Masters and James Yancey have been appointed by
Governor Bush to serve as our newest County Judges. 
Welcome aboard!!
     Judge Ellen MastersJudges James Yancey

August 26, 1999

View pictures from the Investiture of Judge Flanders.
Click for pictures of the Investiture

Judge Judith Flanders takes the oath of office.

July 1,1999
Judith Flanders has been appointed to the 10th Judicial
Circuit Bench by Governor Bush.
Read the Ledger Article.


March 9, 1999
10th Judicial Circuit Judge Charles A. Davis has
been named to the 2nd District Court of Appeal
by Governor Bush. Read The Ledger article.

Judge Charles A. Davis

Pictures from the Investiture of Circuit Judge Harvey A. Kornstein
and County Judge Mary Catherine Green.

County Judge Mary Catherine Green & Circuit Judge Harvey A. Kornstein

    The Stephen H. Grimes Law Library is now open.
Supreme Court Chief Justice Major Harding attended
the opening and joined us for lunch after the reception.

Go to the Stephen H. Grimes Law Library Picture Album
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Picture Album

November 3, 1998
General Election

Mary Catherine Green is
elected to serve as Polk County's newest
County Judge.
Mary Catherine Green
Mary Catherine Green
Judge Harvey A. Kornstein September 1, 1998
Primary Election
County Judge Harvey A. Kornstein
is elected to serve as our newest
Circuit Judge.

September 1, 1998
Primary Election
County Judge Anne Kaylor is Re-elected. Judge Kaylor is also the webmaster for the 10th Judicial Circuit.

County Judge Anne Kaylor
Judge Selph takes the oath of office. June 11, 1998
Investiture of

County Judge Steven L. Selph

Judge Selph is formally sworn in by Judge Wm. Bruce Smith, as Mrs. Selph holds the bible.  
(I apologize for the poor quality of the picture)

March 23, 1998
The Polk County Government Center in Lakeland holds an open house to show off the new facilities.
Judge Kornstein chats with
Supervisor of Elections Helen Gienau and assistant Barbara Osthoff.

Helen Gienau, Judge Kornstein, Barbara Osthoff chat at the reception.
Judge "Charlie" Curry holding court. Judge Curry
holds court at the reception.
Notice how Attorneys  Sam Crosby and John Shannon are totally absorbed in what he has to say :-)
Guests enjoy the barbecue
at the reception.
See a picture of theLakeland courtroom.
Guests enjoy the barbecue!
Judge Hunter is sworn in as a Circuit Judge March 12, 1998

Judge Michael J. Hunter is invested to the CircuitCourt.
Here are some more pictures of the investiture.

February 4th, 1998
Governor Lawton Chiles announced the appointment of County Judge Michael J. Hunter to the Circuit Bench to fill the vacancy
left open by Circuit Court Judge Oliver Green after his
appointment to the 2nd DCA.
Read the story about Judge Oliver Green's investiture from
The Lakeland Ledger.
A Memorial and tribute to Judge Langston

Judge Thomas M. Langston

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