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The Newsletter of the Lakeland Bar Association

Volume 16, Issue 4         

April-May, 1998




by Timothy O. Coyle

You Can Always Do More
Robert M. Brush embodies the slogan "You Can Always Do More."Robert M. Brush He is a father of two, a husband, President of the Lakeland Bar Association, rancher, Chairman of the Bar Grievance Committee, VISTE volunteer, YMCA Board member, and a Guardian Ad Litem Volunteer. In addition to all of the above, he puts in long, arduous hours as a partner at Lane Trohn et al, where he specializes in personal injury defense.

Brush, who goes by "Bob," was born in Pennsylvania and attended Juniata College, where he was a biology major. While at Juniata College, Bob played rugby, which may help explain his style of litigation.

According to Jim Kelly, who often opposes Brush in personal injury cases, "I’m not surprised Brush was a rugby player in college. He is a tenacious litigator. He fights for his clients and never gives up." The harsh winters of 1977 and 1978 literally turned Brush into a snowbird and drove him south, to Florida. Once in the Sunshine State, Brush decided to attend law school at Stetson College of Law. However, after the first year of law school he transferred to the University of Florida School of Law, where he graduated in 1982. While at Florida, he met and fell in love with his future wife, Kim, who was also a law student at Florida. Following graduation in 1982, Brush came to Lakeland and interviewed with Bob Trohn and Don Jacobsen at Lane Trohn. He was hired and started out defending workers's compensation cases, but soon switched to personal injury defense, which he has been practicing ever since.

Brush has thus far enjoyed his tenure as the president of the Lakeland Bar Association. He believes the LBA’s best and highest function is to serve as a forum for attorneys and judges to meet socially once a month. Brush thinks it is especially important for attorneys to get together outside of the battlefield of the courtroom and see each other as colleagues instead of as adversaries.

When Brush is not working or busy with his many activities and volunteer work, he enjoys spending time at the ranch he owns with Hank Campbell, John Stidham and J.P. Jones. The ranch, located near Ona, is appropriately called "The Four Bucks Ranch." The ranch is a place for Brush to hang out with friends, relax and hunt turkey, deer and wild hogs. Among his many adventures at Four Bucks Ranch, Bob fondly recounts the time he and his son, Jonathan, put out a brushfire and probably saved Hardee County in the process.

Brush recently made a big change in his life. Many of us know Brush as the attorney who drove the "Blue Bomber," a vintage 1981 240D Mercedes. Brush had owned this car for 12 years and ran the mileage up to 175,000. He closed out a large chapter of his life when he finally gave up the Blue Bomber and bought his first new vehicle, a 1998 Dodge Durango sports utility vehicle.

Bob Brush lives by his motto. He continually involves himself with his family, with his job, with his colleagues, and with the Bar.

Timothy O. Coyle is an associate at the law firm of W. James Kelly, P.A., where he practices in personal injury law. He is a coeditor of Noble Pursuits.

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