Pastel stencils rim the rotunda of Polk County's Historic Courthouse which was restored to it's original beauty in a three million dollar project completed in 1997.
     Architect Tom Hammer, who designed the renovations in the 1980's, served as reconstruction architect, following the original courthouse plans.  Over the years, numerous remodeling projects covered hidden treasures, such as a wall safe, in an effort to make the facility usable for modern offices. The restoration took the courthouse back to it's original status with the exception of the addition of air conditioning.Historical Courthouse
     Stenciling along the walls was in the original 1908 structure.   Woodwork throughout the building was refinished, and the large, airy courtrooms were restored to their original appearance, complete with balconies.
     Wings were added to the classic, white columned courthouse in 1926. The east wing houses the Polk County Historical and Genealogical Library.  The library uses part of three floors of the courthouse.
     The Polk County Historical Museum opened September 19, 1998.

Photos by Peggy Kehoe. The Polk County Times  August 1997

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