Volusia County Courthouse

     The name "Volusia" comes from Volusia Landing on the St. Johns River, where a treaty was signed with the Seminoles; beyond that its origins are unclear, though many sources contend it originates in an early settler and tradesman named "Veluche." When Volusia County was carved from the larger Mosquito/Orange, Enterprise continued as the county seat. Volusia County Courthouse DelandThis was moved to DeLand in 1888. Home of Stetson University, the town is named for Henry DeLand, a New York baking powder manufacturer who endowed an academy of his own at about the same time as hatmaker John B. Stetson. The two colleges later merged and dominate the present-day "Athens of Florida." During spring break the county's population swells severalfold as college students flock to Daytona Beach on the Atlantic coast.
Volusia County Courthouse (Anne Kaylor Collection)

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