Okaloosa County Courthouse


Okaloosa County Courthouse
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     Okaloosa has been translated as "black water," of Choctaw origin, and indeed the area is renowned for its pristine blackwater streams - including the Blackwater River, site of a state forest and park. The county was founded in 1915. The county seat is Crestview, the highest point on the Pensacola and Apalachicola Railroad. Not far away is the highest point in Florida, a dizzying 345 feet above sea level. Much of the county is contained within Eglin Air Force Base.

     The courthouse was originally built in 1918, just three years after the county was formed.  In 1955, it was substantially remodeled and the jail removed but certain portions of the interior remain the same.

A photo of the current Okaloosa County Courthouse. Photo by Jared Anton (1999)

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