Jackson County Courthouse

     Jackson County, founded in 1822, is the third oldest in the state. It was named in honor of Andrew Jackson, the first American governor of Florida, who went on to serve as President of the United States. The county seat was located in Marianna (originally "Bumpnose") in 1829. A history of Washington County (which was created from Jackson) states that a temporary county seat also existed at a site called "Big Spring of the Choctawhatchee."  The name Marianna is a transposition of the first names of Mrs. Anna Maria Beveridge who, along with her husband Robert, founded the town in 1827. The Beveridges donated land and built the first of four courthouses that eventually would occupy the site.

      Jackson County Courthouse (Keith Vincent Collection)          Back view of the Jackson County Courthouse Postcard (Keith Vincent Collection)
Keith Vincent Collection

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