Highlands County Courthouse

Highlands County Courthouse


     Highlands County (the name reflects the sand hills of the Mid-Florida Ridge, which dominates the topography) was one of several carved from the huge expanses of DeSoto County in 1921. The county seat is Sebring, whose city plan is said to have been modeled after the ancient Syrian city of Heliopolis. George Sebring, the developer, made his fortune in pottery. More famous than Sebring’s pots are the annual auto races which, for a weekend, swell Highlands County’s population to several times its normal size. The courthouse, designed in the Classical Revival style by Fred Bishop, dates from 1927.

Highlands County Courthouse (Photo by Anne Kaylor)

Another view of the
Highlands County

This staghorn fern is a tradition on the Highlands County Courthouse lawn.
Staghorn fern on the
lawn of the Highlands
County Courthouse.

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