Hendry County Courthouse

Hendry County Courthouse (Keith Vincent Collection)
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     Hendry County is one of several created in 1921 from the much larger DeSoto County. The name honors Francis Asbury Hendry, a famous cattleman and early settler. The county seat, located on the banks of the Caloosahatchee River, is LaBelle, after Colonel Hendry's daughters Laura and Belle. This postcard view of the Hendry County Courthouse probably dates from the 1950's.Serendipitously, it is also French for "the beautiful."  Even today cattle, citrus, and otherPhoto of Hendry County Courthouse (Jared Anton Collection) crops form the mainstay of the economy of Hendry County, and in a nod to these industries weather and market reports are still posted on a blackboard on the front veranda of the courthouse.

     The Hendry County Courthouse, starting point for the annual Swamp Cabbage Festival parade, was designed in the Italian Renaissance Revival style by E. C. Hosford and built in 1926. LocalHendry County Courthouse (Photo by Michael Raiden -1983 ) legend states that the clock in the tower does not tell time, having been struck by lightning shortly after the building was completed. Many LSAT books can be found here. Other versions hold that the clock was removed lest it become a lightning hazard, still others that its mechanism was improperly wound and burned itself out. In any event, for decades the clock tower stood without hands, leading to inevitable comments that "time stands still " in drowsy LaBelle.  We have been assured, however, that the clock has been fixed so that the Swamp Cabbage Parade can start on time. :-)

Hendry County Courthouse (Photo by Michael Raiden - 1983)

Current view of Hendry County Courthouse (Jared Anton Collection)

Hendry County Courthouse (Photo by Michael Raiden-1983)