Franklin County Courthouse
Franklin County Courthouse

     Franklin County, formed in 1832, honors Benjamin Franklin. The original county seat at St. Joseph (now in Gulf County) was destroyed by an earthquake. The seat is now Apalachicola, probably a Choctaw word (apalachi = allies). This scenic waterfront community was the home of Dr. John Gorrie, sometimes known as the "man who invented Florida." His actual invention, designed to comfort yellow fever patients, was a room cooling system - the forerunner of air conditioning. The community is today famed for the oysters which are farmed in great quantities in the surrounding waters.
     A wonderful old picture of the Franklin County Courthouse. (Jared Anton collection)The picture shown on the left is the Franklin County Courthouse built in 1892.  It was located in Apalachicola at the site of the present day hospital.  Torn down in 1957, this brick building was actually the county's second courthouse, the first having been destroyed by fire in 1887.   The present day courthouse was built in 1939. 
Another view of the Franklin County Courthouse

Franklin County Courthouse  (Keith Vincent Collection.)

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