Clay County Courthouse

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     Clay County, named for the "great compromiser" Henry Clay, was founded in 1858. The original county seat, as designated by legislation, was Middleburg.  An 1859 election moved the seat to the "McRae House," or Whitesville, thereafter renamed Webster in honor of Daniel Webster.  The selection was controversial, eventually resolved by aPostcard view of the Historic Clay County Courthouse (Jared Anton Collection) judge, and in 1872 this "very insecure house" was burned and with it most of the county's judicial records.  The current county seat is Green Cove Springs. The latter town dates from about 1830 and is one of many in the state whose promoters wistfully reputed it the site of Ponce DeLeon's fountain of youth.

     Historic Clay County Courthouse (Anne Kaylor Collection)You can find more more CISSP courses here. The historic Clay County Courthouse is among the state's oldest, built in 1889. Combining Italianate and Second Renaissance elements, it is constructed of stuccoed brick with a round arched entrance and arcaded porch.  It was designed by A. E. McClure of Jacksonville.