Section 6- JUVENILE

6-1.0 On the Matter of Parents Being Liable for the Costs of the Public Defender in Juvenile Proceedings RGM 3-16-93
6-2.0 Providing System for Impartial Assignment of Juvenile Delinquency Cases RGM 9-14-92
6-3.0 Juvenile Court Records RGM 4-26-93
6-4.0 Access to Juvenile Court Records in Polk County RGM 9-27-93
6-5.0 Juvenile Dependency Mediation RGM 5-3-95
6-0.0 In Re: Citizen Review of Foster Care CAD 02-98
6-7.0 In Re: Foster Care Administrative Reviews CAD 06-98
6-8.1 Compensation for Court Appointed Counsel in Juvenile Dependancy Cases RAH 07-19-04
6-9.0 In Re: Judicial Waiver of Parental Notice of Abortion CBC 7-21-99
6-10.1 In Re: Appointment of Magistrates RAH 12-15-04
6-11.1 Providing System for Designation of Juvenile Devision Cases
Being Heard By Judges And Magistrates
RAH 12-14-04
6-12.0 In Re: Compensation for Court Appointed Attorneys Ad Litem For The
Representation of Children in Juvenile Dependency Proceedings (VACATED 3-28-04)
Special Order Vacating 6-12.0


6-13.0 Establishment of General & Special Master For Proceedings Involving Violations of County Ordinances ORDER VACATED 12-15-04 RAH 12-15-04
6-14.0 Procedure ofr the First Appearance Hearing of Parents Arrested in Juvenile Delinquency Cases for the Non-Payment of Restitution, Court Costs & Attorneys' Fees RAH 9-22-03
6-15.0 Designation of Juvenile Dependency Division Cases RAH 10-14-03
6-16.0 In Re: Out of County Travel of Children Adjudicated Dependent RAH 09-10-04


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Updated 12/15/04